Circles of Support

Caring for the well-being of those in caring professions.

Mission: To provide support to those in caring professions so that they can thrive in work and life.

Vision: To offer bespoke programmes within the workplace which bring relief from stress and enhance well-being.

Who we are: An experienced team of well-being professionals. Meet our team.

What we offer: We offer bespoke well-being packages tailored to suit the needs of your employees.

Who’s it for?: We can work with individuals or groups in any caring profession; Teachers, Midwives, Nurses, Doctors, Care Workers, Therapists, Mothers (Yes! Mothers – you are doing such important work!), Police Officers, Social Workers, Environmental Activists…

Why Circles of Support?: Circles of Support is about investing into the well-being of those caring professions so that they can thrive both in life and at work. It is about recognising that we need to create circles of support around those who are supporting others so that they can fulfil their support roles to their fullest potential, while feeling resourced and nourished in themselves.

Who supports us?: We are dedicated to receiving support for ourselves through regular supervision.